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Abandoned for her appearance, this is how Lena is today (Photos)

A shelter guest dog Orange County Animal Services located in Orlando, Florida, he rose to fame on the web a few months ago after a heartbreaking Facebook post detailed the cruel words he heard from visitors to the animal shelter.

Now Dutchess is living her best life!

The story of Dutchess, the dog considered “ugly”

Dutchess was turned over to the shelter Orange County Animal Services in November 2022 due to a problem with the owner, who explained to the volunteers that the puppy was born with slight deformities around both eyes.

Shocked, the shelter staff saw so many qualities in Dutchess, practically calling her the perfect dog: sweet, energetic and intelligent.

Unfortunately, potential adopters have failed to see beyond its aesthetic imperfection.

“It looks so bad.” “Things?”. “What’s wrong with her?” “Are you blind?” “How much will it cost me?” «She will never be adopted», are just some of the comments from visitors when they saw Dutchess.

The moving post of the refuge

Saddened, the volunteers thought of post photos and the story of the dog on their Facebook page, hoping it will help find her a new family that loves her for life and won’t abandon her.

“Sometimes the hardest thing for us is that one of our dogs gets ignored. We see their faces every day, and do what we can to keep their spirits up. But we know that being in a kennel, day after day, and watching people pass on the other side of those bars has to take its toll.
What we hate to see is people walking past dozens of cages, never looking inside. Ignoring all the softly wagging tails, ignoring all the pleading eyes desperate to be seen. Dutchess is one of these dogs.”

And they conclude:

“Come to the shelter with an open heart. Look inside each kennel. Look for Dutchess. Look for the ones that no one wants. This is how you save a life. This is how the difference is made. That’s how the world changes.”

Luckily, the touching post worked!

Adoption of Dutchess

Applications were not long in coming and the post was shared thousands of times. The team of Rescue Dogs Dream welcomed Dutchess and on January 10 announced that the dog has been adopted!

“This famous sweet girl that no one wanted, and then everyone wanted, has found her perfect forever home,” the volunteers wrote on Facebook, accompanying the post with photos of the happy dog ​​with her new family.

Dutchess – which is called today Lena – suffered a surgery to remove growths under the eyes, which were in her field of vision and were causing her discomfort.

Her new family says Lena is doing great and is the sweetest dog they have ever met.

«Now he has a new mum and a new dad but also a new brother to play with in the private enclosed courtyard. He can go on excursions and adventures and is a loved part of the family,” the volunteers communicate.

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