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A new study explains how to know if your dog is at risk of cancer


Prevention is always important.

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Not only for humans, but also for animals cancer turns out to be the number one evil to fight to improve one’s life expectancy.

The prevention turns out to be important for one diagnosis early. Here’s what California researchers found.

I study

An investigator-led study was conducted in California Jill Rafalko and published in the magazine Plos One in which they were involved 3,452 sick dogs.

The goal of the scholars was to analyze as many cases as possible to establish useful statistics for the purpose of preventing cancer in animals.

The results

Research has shown that the average age of cancer diagnosis was 5 years for dogs over i 75kg and 11 years for those between 2.5 and 5kg.

From the results it was also seen that the dogs of pure breed have been diagnosed on average a 8.2 years old, while those of mixed or undefined race were diagnosed at 9.2 years of age. A discovery that confirms what has always been claimed by experts in the sector, namely that purebred animals could get sick before the others. Manager? The process of selecting the breeds, which has been done year after year, always looking for specific characteristics for a given breed.

The most affected breeds

But even between the breeds themselves there are differences. Here are the ones that emerged from the study:

Even the sex and it”sexual state” of the animal are part of the important criteria: in fact, it has been discovered that female dogs and neutered dogs are diagnosed with tumors later than intact dogs and male dogs.

The ultimate goal

Once these analyses, the researchers aim to implement some screening tests to be performed before the ages that were identified by the study. For some breeds, in fact, it could be important to carry out analyzes as early as the fourth year of life.

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