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A dog takes a baseball bat in his mouth and the unthinkable happens (Video)


Not to believe your eyes!

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You know, dogs have exceptional qualities: they know how to understand when you are sick and console you, they know how to protect you in the face of all dangers and, let’s face it, they are also much more sporty than all of us!

The dog in the video that we will show you today is living proof of this: but what will a four-legged do with a baseball bat in its mouth?

Let’s play?

The dog in the clip is called Pepperis about 2 years old and is one Sissy of Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler, who lives in East Coast of the United States cultivating a special passion: play baseball with your master!

As? The two friends go to the park together, the human throws the ball at her and she, bat in her mouth, makes quickdraws worthy of the best hitter in the world!

A success!

The first ever video of “Big Pupi“, as our protagonist calls herself, was published by her aunt Melissa Lawrence Sun Instagram. Melissa works in the sports worldso it seems that this passion has been transmitted!

The images, republished by LADbible Australia last March 14, they did more than 16 million views in just 3 days and it seems that Pepper’s videos have also been shared by some sports accounts, such as ESPN.

@espn Someone get her an MLB contract 🐕⚾️ (via melis_lawrence/Instagram) #baseball #mlb #dog #pet ♬ i like by guy – makaveli

Attentionbefore trying the same thing with your dog, we advise you to check first with your trusted veterinary doctor the dental health of your four-legged friend and to choose an object that cannot harm your furry friend!

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