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a dog is hiding on the mountain. Only a few can see it!


A dog is hiding on Monte Pellegrino (PA).

© Todocat


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How much we like them riddles to find dogs or cats on photos! Generally cats are the naughty who like to hide, but in today’s game the protagonist is a cane and it’s all Made in Italy!

We are in fact in Palermo and the big dog in question hides on Monte Pellegrino, defined by Goethe as «the most beautiful promontory in the world». And we at Todocat agree with him after finding out where the dog is!

Can you see the dog?

Unfortunately not everyone can see the hidden dog and, of course, the game is not valid if you are from Palermo because you should already know the solution!

Take a good look at the mountain. Step away from the photo a little and look at it as a whole. Off to the stopwatch!

Can you see the dog hiding on the mountain?©Todocat

Still nothing?

The solution

Ok, if you really can’t do it we’ll give you the solution. You need to carefully observe the mountain as a whole: if you look at its shapeyou will see that it represents a sweet little dog, presumably of the San Bernardo breed, lying on the ground.

The left side represents the muzzle of the dog with the long ear and the rest of the mountain represents the body of the four-legged, with a paw stretched along it until it reaches behind the ear. You did? Come on, we’ll put a little drawing on you, so you’ll see everything much clearer!

Here is the mountain in the shape of a lying dog!©Todocat

And we are convinced that the people of Palermo are very lucky to have a giant dog who watches over them every day! What do you think about it? Let us know in a comment at the bottom of the article 👇

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