A dog in a plane – how to travel with a pet?

Are you getting ready for a move, vacation or weekend trip? You don’t have to part with your favorite during this time. He can also travel with you to the closer and further corners of the world. How does a dog travel on an airplane?

Travels with a four-legged friend

More and more hotels and cafes are opening up to four-legged guests, which makes it easier to travel with them. You no longer have to ask your loved ones for help to provide care for your pet in your absence. Go ahead and take it with you. Driving to the site by car as a rule, it is not the most difficult. A few stops on the route, so that the pooch can meet his physiological needs and have a little fun, is enough to happily reach his destination. Accessories will help you safely transport your pet. It also gives a lot of freedom trainwhere the pooch can be next to you all the time.

Car, train or public transport buses they are not the only means of transport for your pet. You can also plan a trip by plane with your dog. Thanks to this, you do not risk separation when you are flying for a weekend, vacation or to work. To save yourself and your pet from stress, be well prepared for your trip. How to organize a flight with a dog? What do you need to remember when your dog is flying with you on the plane?

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Can a dog fly by plane?

Instead of missing your favorite, keep it with you even on the other side of the world. Flying with a dog is becoming more and more common. Just fulfill a few formalities and your pet will become a four-legged globetrotter. However, keep in mind that your pet may react differently to your plan. You can take many of your pets with you on board, without any clear medical contraindications.

Can a dog fly with any airline? It all depends on the carrier. If you have already chosen a flight, be sure to check whether the regulations also provide for the travel of dogs and on what terms it takes place. This is the first important thing to do before departure, because some airlines may prohibit certain races from flying. What else do you need to remember? Be sure to also check how the pet will be transported and what formalities the trip requires.

Transporting a dog by plane requires the preparation of several documents. First of all, a pet must have its own passport. To obtain it, contact a veterinarian at an authorized facility. You can find a list of such clinics on the website of the National Medical and Veterinary Chamber. The passport allows you to travel by plane with your dog within the European Union and several other countries outside of it.

Moreover, it is also necessary health certificate, issued by a veterinarian and an up-to-date vaccination booklet (necessarily with information on immunity against rabies). Airlines often require a pooch to have a microchip implanted. Before departure, make sure that the country you are going to has no special requirements in the form of additional deworming or quarantine treatment.

When you buy a ticket for yourself, be sure to inform the airline that you are going to travel with your canine friend. It is best to do this a few days before departure via the hotline, but not later than the day before. There are limited places for pets on board. The price of a ticket for an animal depends on the weight or dimensions of the pet.

Are all dogs on the plane welcome? Some airlines have specific guidelines for the breeds that will be allowed on board the machine. Among the carrier’s documents, you can find a list of pets considered dangerous. Be sure to check if your favorite is on it.

How does the transport of a dog by plane work in practice? ‘

A dog in an airplane on your lap is not that obvious. Pets can travel by this means of transport in one of three ways. You can bring small dogs (up to 8 kg) on ​​board. However, you may not have them on a leash, but in transporter. A dog in an airplane must remain locked in it at all times. Additionally, during landing, take-off or turbulence, place the pet carrier under the seat. The only exception is the four-legged guides. They can board without a transporter and are treated like passengers. However, it is necessary to control the animal on a leash.

Dog in the plane on your lap? Unless it is a private flight with a machine rented for you and your loved ones, the animal, even outside the main deck, stays only in the carrier. The dog is also transported by plane in in the luggage compartment or along the cargo road (separate flight). In both of these variants, you have no control over what happens to the animal. You have to rely on the airline employees – they are then responsible for the pet.

Regardless of whether your pet is flying with you on board, in cargo or in the hold, transporting your dog on the plane is only possible in the carrier. It must be adapted to both the dimensions of the animal and the requirements of individual airlines. Important to put in it absorbent mat.

What else is worth taking with you on a trip?

Have it with you in your hand luggage muzzle i leashto release the pet from the carrier as soon as possible. Remember, however, that your pet should not run freely around the airport – you have to control it all the time. You will also need hygiene accessories that will make cleaning up after the pet easier. Don’t forget about the pet’s toy. It is good practice to leave staff information on feeding your dog and your bearings.

It’s worth taking with you karma i water. When should I give it to the dog? Even if your pet is traveling next to you, refrain from feeding it throughout the flight. Only water will be the best on the route. The pet should eat a meal immediately after arrival. In a situation where you are separated from your pet, put food and water in the carrier. Do not feed your pooch right before departure. It is better to do this several hours in advance to avoid your pet’s stomach becoming too full or feeling the need to defecate during the flight.

Of course, before the trip take your pet for a walk. This is important for physiological needs, but also for the discharge of excess energy. Before entering the airport, also make sure that the pooch is out on the grass.

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Dog on the plane – how to prepare your pet for a trip?

Not only you feel the stress related to the trip. For the four-legged friend, this is also a situation outside his comfort zone. Therefore, when planning to transport your dog by plane, be sure to prepare your pet for it. How to do it? First of all, a few weeks before the trip, purchase the transporter and slowly tame your dog with it. Practice with your pet getting into the open carrier and staying closed. All this time, keep your pet positive. Toys and treats will help. Before that, it is worth getting your pet used to being in the playpen. Delicacy Carnilove Ostrich with Blackberries Crunchy Snack it will additionally strengthen your dog’s immunity.

Also consider how well the dog tolerates separation from you. If your pet is traveling on cargo or in the hold, your contact with your pet will be limited. Before leaving, it is worth practicing with your pet being walked out by another person and tame your pet’s fears.

A few days before departure, extend your walks, and take your pet for a tiring walk before the trip. This will increase the probability that the pooch will sleep through the trip. Is pharmacology needed? Never give your pet sedatives alone. Please consult your vet before departure. He will not only dispel all your doubts, but also select the appropriate type of drug and its dose.

Traveling by plane with a dog – what will make it easier?

A suitable carrier is not only a gadget that facilitates the transport of a dog by plane, but also a necessity. Check its dimensions in the carrier’s regulations before each flight. Subscriptions may change, but also vary depending on which company you choose.

What else to consider when choosing a transporter? Pay attention to the material it was made of. It must not be a canvas structure, but a solid material or metal. The transporter must be ventilated on several sides and sufficiently large. The animal should be able to move freely (stand and turn around).

Remember to cover the lair with a suitable material. If you are traveling with more dogs, each dog must have a carrier. Sometimes carriers agree to fly a plane with a dog in a specially designed bag. Remember that the airport staff will check that the animal is properly prepared for the journey and may refuse to transport it if it is transported improperly.

Dog on the plane – what accessories should you take?

The airport is a crowded zone, and handy accessories will definitely save you stress. What should you take with you when you plan to fly with your dog? They are great for travel tourist bowlsthat don’t take up much space in your luggage. With such a bowl at hand, you will quickly feed the animal after its flight. After a meal, just clean it or dry it and fold it. It will also be a good choice a special water bowl connected with a water bottle. Thanks to it, you can easily water your dog even when you don’t have too much space to put the bowl on the ground.

In order not to carry a whole bag of food with you, transfer the portion to a small box that will fit in your hand luggage. It is best to measure out the amount needed for the meal right away. Also have some treats for your pet handy. Keep them in a handy pouch. Among the accessories, it is worth taking wet wipes with you Over Zoo Wet Whipesintended for contact with animals that will help you refresh your pet quickly. You can clean the paws and hair of your pet in case of dirt. Thanks to the delicate wipes, you can also clean the ears or eyes of your favorite.

Transporting a dog on an airplane is possible if it is a good health measure. However, on the road or at the airport itself, there are many places where the pet may come into contact with parasites. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of catching fleas, wear a collar with essential oils on your dog. Protective collar BIO Protecto Plus sit effectively repels insects for several weeks. You can rest assured that even while resting in a hotel, the insects won’t settle in your dog’s coat. However, do not put it on immediately before departure, but a few days in advance. Thanks to this, you will find out if the pet is allergic to substances contained in the collar.

According to the carer, a flight with a dog is a pleasure or a challenge?

Vacation? Holidays? Spend them with your dog!

When you fly out of the country, your pet does not need to take refuge with your friends or family. Dogs on the plane are welcome! You can take small quadrupeds up to 8 kg on board. Pets can also fly in the luggage or cargo hold. They stay in the carrier all the time during the flight. If you want to travel with your dog, you must not only buy a ticket for him, but also prepare a passport, health certificate and information on vaccinations.

It is worth preparing yourself and your pooch for the trip. Be sure to take your pet for a longer walk before departure. You can order the necessary transporter and accessories that work well during the flight in the Apetete online store. Find out how you can make your and your pet’s journey easier and more pleasant.