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A cat is mistakenly sent to another family, her owners tirelessly search for her for a month

The family of Tara is relieved; this cat is back with her family after a month of anguish. At the origin of this long separation, a misunderstanding having taken place at the veterinary clinic which kept her, reported the Australian media

In July, Katie Matthews and his companion, who live Bondi in the suburbs of Sydney, were traveling abroad. Before leaving, the couple had confided their pussy Tara au Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospitalwhich offers a boarding service for pets.

An employee of the clinic had mistakenly confused Tara with another tortoiseshell cat also called Lara, and had thus delivered it by mistake to the owners of the latter. A little after, Tara had escaped. She was nowhere to be found for 30 days.

In utter dismay, Katie Matthews appealed for help on Facebook. For its part, the veterinary clinic Bondi Junction had hired a detective agency for lost animals, Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives.

The mistress of Tara did not understand how such confusion could occur. posted by her on Facebookthe photo below shows the difference between her pussy and Lara. The latter (top) has a tortoiseshell coat with darker tones and white legs and chest. As for Taraits colors are more “diluted” and has no white mark.

Katie Matthews / Facebook

In a message addressed to Katie Matthewsthe Dr Julia of the veterinary clinic in question explained: Last night one of our employees accidentally sent Tara instead of another cat called Lara to a house in Bondi. They both had tortoiseshell dresses. The person who picked it up was the grandma and didn’t know what the pussy looked like ».

He added that a neighbor of the owners of Lara had realized the mistake, before the escape of Tara. « I’m really sorry to have to tell you that. We are doing everything we can to find her. continued the veterinarian.

“Happy to announce that Tara has been found! »

After a month, therefore, the team ofArthur & Co. Pet Detectives ended up finding Tara. She had lost weight, but was healthy.

Good news that Katie Matthews shared on Facebook : « So happy to announce that our little baby Tara has been found! »

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The head of the establishment also welcomed the return of the cat to her real family, and promised to train her staff to prevent other blunders of this type.

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