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A cat hides in the engine of a car and meows incessantly for 2 days, until the intervention of a police officer

Intrigued by the incessant meowing of a kitten that he could not locate, a resident ended up calling for help. It was a police officer who took charge of the rescue of the young feline, the latter not having at all facilitated the task.

A ginger kitten who was hiding under the hood of a car and refusing to come out, was freed by a policeman alerted by a resident, reported SweetwaterNOW Monday, August 22.

Joe Gatti reside Rock Springs in the state of Wyoming. It had been two days since he heard the almost uninterrupted mewing of a cat in distress, but could not determine the exact location.

« At first, we started to hear this cat. I thought it must be in the garage or something “, he tells SweetwaterNOW. « It was driving us crazy, but we couldn’t find it “, continues the man, who was determined to find the animal and help him.

Finally, on the morning of Monday, August 22, the mystery was solved. ” I finally realized that the noise was coming from the car », relate Joe Gatti. Still it was necessary to extract it, knowing that it still could not see the feline in question. He simply knew that he had slipped into the engine compartment of the vehicle and, frightened, stubbornly refused to come out.

Joe Gatti had no choice but to call for help. He is a young officer from the police department of Rock Springs who was dispatched to the scene.

An uncooperative kitten

As soon as he arrived, the policeman tried to lure the kitten out of his hiding place with tuna, without result. He then slipped under the car to try and get his hands on the elusive quadruped.

Even when he succeeded after an hour of effort, the cat continued to give him a hard time. ” He finally managed to grab it and pull it out, but the cat escaped and hid in the left rear wheel. So it had to be extracted again “, Explain Joe Gatti.


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Unharmed, the kitten was taken care of by the local animal control service. Joe Gatti wanted to thank the police officer for what he did. He and his colleagues “care about their family and community, and are always willing to do whatever it takes to help out when needed “, concludes the witness of the rescue.

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