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A Belgian Shepherd sneaks into a sick giraffe’s enclosure and the unthinkable happens

Of improbably coupledWe have seen many: dogs and cats, dogs and owls, dogs and guinea pigs and many others.

However, for the first time to steal the hearts of millions of people is the incredible friendship between a Belgian shepherd dog and a little giraffe!

Rescued by a farmer and taken to a shelter

There are countless reasons that lead a mother to abandon her puppy. In the case of Jazz, a baby giraffe abandoned a few days oldhowever, there was someone who took care of it.

Found, in fact, by a farmer in the middle of the South African savannah dehydrated and low on strengthJazz was immediately taken to the nearest rhino orphanage for treatment.
After a good three hours by car, the little one arrives in the refuge of Johannesburg in state comatose. They have been needed 18 hours of IV and medical care before Jazz could regain consciousness, but was eventually able to open his eyes again.

Even though the volunteers specialized in rescuing rhinos, they did everything possible for Jazz who despite his 180cm height, it looked much smaller and helpless.

Thanks to Hunter, Jazz finds her smile again

To make the hours in the refuge even more special, however, there is the presence of Huntera Belgian Shepherd in charge of guarding certain areas of the savannah against poachers.

As soon as Jazz arrives at the Rhino Orphanagein fact, Hunter right away approaches him to check his situation and he doesn’t lose sight of him even in the following hours.
The big dog doesn’t want to leave and spends the time next to Jazz for give him the necessary strength to stay alive.

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Encouraged by his new friend and the center’s vets, Jazz recovers his strength and already 24 hours after his arrival, he is fed with milk.

In the following days, thanks to Hunter, the baby Giraffe takes giant steps, up to slowly get back on your feet and resume eating some acacia leaves.

Between one meal and another, the two delight in long cuddles, naps and moments of play. Nothing more adorable!

As soon as Jazz can fend for himself, will be released into the wildright where he should be, but we already know that he will come back very often near the shelter to greet his new four-legged friend!