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6 photos that demonstrate the concept “like father, like son”!

Sunday March 19 is the father’s Day! On this occasion, we at Todocat invite you to let yourself go for a moment of tenderness and sympathy, in the company of adorable puppies and kittens and their dads!

These four-legged fathers don’t need to prove paternity with respect to their offspring! The ancient popular sentence of “like father like son” is amply proven by these photos!

When DNA testing is not needed

Let’s start our roundup of four-legged families with this feline shot posted on Facebook by @AdriDessertsnBalloons account along with other themed photos.

These two red cats, father and son, they smile in their sleep: are they perhaps dreaming the same thing? 🤔

Dream of the father, dream of the son! ©Facebook @AdriDessertsnBalloons

I teach you how to howl!

In this photo Golden Retriever dad teach his son, lying comfortably on top of him, expressing himself with howls. Why not, one day it might be useful!

Like father like son
by u/emoposer in aww

Two drops of water

This cat dad and his son, as well as being practically physically identicalthey also have the same expression in the face!

Two drops of water! ©Facebook @AdriDessertsnBalloons

The sleepyheads

These two Golden Retrievers, father and son, are blissfully resting together. How sweet!

Let’s play hide and seek?

Here are two nice Shih Tzu playing hide and seek! Playing with your children it is very important for their psycho-physical development!

We will rule the world

Finally, here is a feline duo who, with the solo gazeseems to want to communicate to us humans their intention to rule the world.

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One of the commentsas if the cat dad and his son were talking, goes like this:

“Son, these are your humans to command. They are slow, stupid and probably doomed to extinction. But we must guide them as best we can.
Dad, what is he doing?
He’s taking a photo. It is speculated that they suffer from poor memory. That’s why we often have to remind them of our food bowl.”

Like father, like son
by u/Alexasweetie in cats

Did you like these adorable cat and dog dads with their little kids?

Happy Day to all dads, two and four-legged ❤️

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