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5 great pictures of the feline teddy bear!

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British Shorthairs are among the most popular cat breeds in the world, as evidenced by the countless Instagram accounts dedicated to them by their owners and others.

They exist in different coat colors and today we will focus on the variety of British Shorthair blueone of the most sought after.

British Shorthair: some useful info

The British Shorthair is the favorite breed of the British, from where it originated a few centuries ago with the aim of deratting the territory.

There is a long-haired variety called British Longhair and both have different coat colors:

  • nero,
  • rosso,
  • marrone,
  • crema,
  • bianco,
  • blu

Today we will focus on the blue British Shorthair variety, bringing you 5 cute Instagram photos of British Shorthair Cats.

British Shorthair blu: l’orsacchiotto feline!

You know the expression “too good to be true”? Well, blue British Shorthairs seem to fully match that saying!

The British Shorthaired Cat has a cute round face, two large expressive eyes and a short coat, all of which can confuse him with the Chartreux. Its anatomy of a miniature bear and its noble charm will conquer even non-cat lovers!

Paffutellodocile, with a hint of mischief, the British Shorthair cat looks straight out of a fairy tale: we literally fell in love with these beautiful specimens and we are not surprised that these special cats are becoming more and more popular.

They are pets intelligentdocile, sociable, lovely that do not have significant breed-specific health problems, resulting in long life expectancies.

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Check out these 5 stunning photos of blue British Shorthair – you’ll be delighted!

#1. Aaaah che bella dormita!

Let’s start with this nice blue British Shorthair cat that you are just woke up from a long nap.

Intent on stretching after a good sleep, he seems to be ready for another day full of … delicious dishes, cuddles, admirations, naps and micro-naps, some teasing here and there, short game sessions … in a nutshell , the good feline life!

#2. The languid look

Let’s continue with a little sweetness. The bewitching eyes of this mischievous blue British Shorthair leave no one indifferent!

# 3. Eyes like the sun

Let’s stay on the “ocular” theme with this other sweet blue British Shorthair: his big round yellow eyes attract the attention of anyone who meets his gaze! It is not so?

# 4. Do you want to play with me?

Here is one that seems to want to invite us to play with him! Armed with a feather stick, you can’t help but accept his invitation and have some fun with this adorable British Shorthair puppy!

# 5. Sweet dreams

The day is over and the time for a well deserved (sure?) Nap is here! How sweet this blue British Shorthair while sleep! What about her soft and irresistible pink pads? 😻

Let us know in a comment which of these photos is your favorite and why!

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