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5 dog owners sentenced by the court of Rome: Oipa rejoices

Five dog owners, including a breeder, have been convicted by the Court of Romeupon complaint by the zoophile guards of the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (Oipa).

The accusation is that of having mutilated for aesthetic purposes their dogs participating in a dog show.

The facts

The complaint was triggered following checks carried out during a dog show held in Roma in 2016.

As part of the operation Dirty Beauty (Dirty Beauty) conducted by OIP agents, five American Bulldogs, an American Bully and a molossoid mestizo were found with cropped ears.

One of the dogs confiscated by Oipa. © Oipa press office

This was to get them admitted to the competition by exhibiting false certificates justifying the cowardly act for reasons of animal health.

The so-called “conchectomy”, as well as the cutting of the tail (“caudotomy”), are dangerous practices for the animals involved and still widespread among the admirers of these breeds but banned in Italy since 2010.

Such animal abuse is punished by the Penal Code in art. 544 ter, which provides for up to 18 months of imprisonment or a fine of up to 30 thousand euros.

Mutilation for aesthetic purposes is also prohibited by the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals of Strasbourg of 11/13/1987, ratified by Italy with the law n. 201/2010.

Conviction for aesthetic mutilation of dogs

Four of them will each have to pay one fine of 10 thousand euroswhile one of them was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

Beyond that, the rancher was sentenced to three months of suspension of activity. The judge also ordered the confiscation of animals.

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Claudio Locuratolo’s opinion on dog shows

The coordinator of the Oipa zoofile guards of Rome and its province, Claudio Locuratolo, exhibits on OIPA site his thoughts on dog shows:

“National and international dog federations should take tougher positions and exclude mutilated dogs from demonstrations and veterinary doctors’ orders should be less lenient towards their members”.

And he concludes hopefully:

“We hope that prevention and repression will put an end to this uncivilized and outlawed practice.”

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