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4 months later, he has a very bad awareness

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Ilenia Colombo

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A woman took to social media to share what happened to her beloved dog Emma.

A strange story that happened a few years ago but is still debatable.

There is something strange about Emma

Emma is a cross between German Shepherd and Newfoundland. Her owners took her to the groomers for a pre-summer haircut and then went to get her, as usual. Or so they thought.

From the start, it was very clear to the family that something was wrong with Emma. She was not the usual happy dogand if she answered her name when called, did not answer to the gestures and commands that her family had always used with her.

Its owners initially attributed it to the stress of grooming and then because Emma’s human dad had been away for 5 months on business and she was possibly experiencing separation anxiety.

But it took a casual conversation at the dentist to finally find out truth.

The owners are amazed

One of Emma’s owners worked at the same dentist where the groomer was and, on a visit, told the latter that Emma was no longer in shape since she had been at the salon.

The next day the family received one phone call from the groomer. They weren’t the only owners who said their dogs weren’t the same since they’d come that day to be groomed. The other dog was a identical twin of Emma called Bear but with a very different temperament.

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It turned out that for 4 months both families had taken care of a dog that wasn’t theirs! The groomer had removed the collars from the dogs to clean them but put the wrong collars back on.

The four-legged ones were then finally reunited with their rightful owners. Meanwhile, the very embarrassed groomer sent gift baskets to both families to apologize for the inconvenience.