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3 good reasons to sleep with an animal


Sleeping with a pet is good for you!

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Nina Segatori

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Il March 17 is celebrated there world sleep day and what’s better than a nice nap hugging your pet?

The warmth and affection that dogs and cats can give is unmatched and to celebrate such a slow and relaxing day, we reveal 3 good reasons to host Fido (or the kitten) in the Latvian too.

1. Sleeping with the dog is good for you

One proves it studio conducted in the United States and published in the journal Anthrozoös who, analyzing the sleep of 962 women, discovered something that anyone who has a dog already knows: getting their pet on the bed gives you a more serene and relaxed sleep.

Analyzing the reactions of the bedsharing with dogs, cats and partners, they have discovered that resting with Fido has a beneficial effect on the psychophysical state of the owner, especially if she is a woman.

2. Extra pampering

How can you not love the feeling that sleeping with your cat or dog gives, when they lie down next to us with their soft and silky little body? If falling asleep like this is sweet, the waking up is even more pleasant, given the extra cuddles that animals can give to their owners. Especially when they share moments of rest together.

Seeing is believing, a dose of sweetness in the morning can only please and start the day in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter if it will be super demanding, our 4-legged best friend has taken care of preparing us for the worst.

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3. Goodbye sadness

Sharing the bed with pets it gives a sense of security, especially to those who live alone and to singles. The feeling is that of having less fear of loneliness and less insecurities, because even if they don’t speak, dogs and cats are a present and constant companion, able to fight loneliness and restlessness.

Even the cowardly ones find relief in having the presence of a pet next to them and they immediately feel more protected and calm. So it is appropriate to say, goodbye sadness and fear!

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