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3 Dogs Saved From House Fire Thanks To Amazon Delivery Man Who Sounded The Alarm

Angelina is a young woman who works for Amazon. It delivers packages to residents of the state of Florida to United States.

Tuesday August 30, Angelina toured the city of Lake City when she saw smoke billowing from a house.

The driver then immediately contacted the firefighters, who dispatched a team as soon as possible. Worried, the benefactor remained on the scene throughout the intervention.

It turned out that the house belonged to Lauren Suttona single mom of a 7-month-old baby girl who owns 3 Boston Terriers: Winnifred3 ans, Quinny4 years old, and Zoey7 ans.

Lauren and her daughter were fortunately not present when the fire broke out, but the 3 canines were trapped in the blaze, reports the Mirror.

A rescue in extremis

When firefighters arrived, the flames had spread through much of the house. Fortunately, they were able to evacuate the 3 doggies in time.

However, they had inhaled a lot of toxic smoke and their health condition was more than worrying.

“Thank you to the Amazon driver who noticed the fumes and called for help. Since the owner was not present at the time, she saved the house and the lives of the dogs”said the group of firefighters Columbia County Fire Rescue on a Facebook post.

Winnifred, Quinny et Zoey were unconscious. They received emergency treatment. The rescuers indeed administered oxygen with a mask and resuscitated them.

The canines were then rushed to the veterinary clinic.

“They are fine this morning, but are still in hospital. My babies have significant lung damage, but seem to be stabilizing”said Lauren.

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The driver’s selflessness moved the whole community. Lauren also warmly thanked all those involved who made it possible to have a happy ending: “I will be forever grateful to Angelina, the firefighters and the sheriff’s deputies for saving the lives of my dogs”.