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2 hours later the unimaginable happens


Francesca Discipoli

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On February 28, 2023, a family of Minnesota (USA) has entrusted its two dogs to a boarding house for a two-hour trial before the big departure for the holidays.

Unfortunately, nothing went as planned…

George missing

Two hours after leaving their dogs at the facility, their family went to to make sure that everything had gone well and that their beloved furbabies were fine.

Unfortunately, however, one of the two dogs named George it had disappeared and no one knew where it had gone.

“My heart stopped. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” said the four-legged owner. upset.

Who has seen George?

The boarding house stated that what had happened was due to a staff training problem and that the dog should never have disappeared.

The company said this had never happened before and was conducting a thorough investigation to ensure this horrific event never happens again.

Many initiatives have been launched to find George as soon as possible, but for now the dog there is no news.

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