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10 Best Brooms for Dog Hair 2022

In this article, I want to help you find the top 10 best brooms for dog hair. A lot of the time, people will not know how to clean up after their pets leave a mess behind. I hope that this blog helps those who are wondering which broom will work the best.

Many people don’t realize that they can purchase a broom specifically made to compete with their dog’s hair. These brushes can be found in stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Target. Many people may be hesitant to purchase one because they are worried about the cost or because they think their current broom is enough.

The fact is, there are benefits to getting a dog-specific broom, not only will you be able to sweep up the hair easier, but you will also be able to keep yourself cleaner and your home cleaner too.


What dog-hair brooms do is they are designed to pick up the hair that brushes off of a dog’s coat. These brooms have brush attachments on them, so they can vacuum the hair right up. What these brooms won’t do is they won’t vacuum up the hair that is embedded in the carpet. If you are someone who has dogs and would like a way to clean up after them without having bits of hair all over you or your home then this article may be for you.

If you are someone who doesn’t have or like dogs or is allergic to dogs, then this article may not be for you.

10 Best Brooms for Dog Hair

Below is a list of ten great dog-hair brooms. To find the best broom for your needs just read the reviews and descriptions on each broom. Please note that prices may vary and that sales are always happening. If you see one of your favorites on sale then hurry and pick it up before they run out so you can save money while getting a great broom for cleaning up after your dog!

1) Eyliden 17.7″ Wide 66″ Long Handle

This brush is a cinch to clean up when it sweeps leaves and grass. The Eyliden 17.7″ Wide 66″ Long Handle is made of high-quality, extremely durable materials. The bristles are strong enough to sweep up dirt and debris, but soft enough to prevent damage to sensitive flooring surfaces. The plastic bristles on one side will help you clear away large debris like leaves and grass clippings while the microfiber strands on the other side will do a great job of wiping up smaller particles.

While this broom works great for sweeping in your yard, it is also useful for cleaning exterior areas such as walks and patios that see a lot of foot traffic or outdoor play areas where kids often get covered in mud and grass stains. When the time comes to clean up, the microfiber side is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Price: $14.95

2) Conliwell Rubber Broom Pet Hair Removal

The Conliwell Rubber Broom is an attachable grooming brush that is great for removing dog hair from hard surfaces and upholstery, although it has plenty of other uses too. This brush will work on any pet that sheds, but it can also collect hair and fur from larger animals such as horses or cows so you can use it at the stable or farm. The cleaning attachment can also be attached when you need to scrub grease or grime off hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets and appliances.

The Conliwell Rubber Broom comes with an extendable handle, making it easy to reach high up places in your home. The bristles have a soft feel that is safe for most surfaces, and the brush head can be easily detached for cleaning or for swapping out with different attachments (sold separately).

Price: $17.99

3) BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum

This handheld vacuum from BISSELL works great on hard floors and upholstery to quickly remove pet hair from almost anywhere in the house. The vacuum quickly gets to places where it would be difficult to reach, including any hard-to-reach places in rugs and furniture. That means you will be able to pick up pet hair and debris from clothes, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets, and hard floors of just about any location in your home.

The BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum is perfect for those who have large dogs or cats or both and who spend a lot of time cleaning up after them. The vacuum has a cordless design so the product can work in your own home without taking up space on the charging station. Just plug the vacuum in for two hours of cleaning power and you are ready to get back to work.

Price: $236.89

4) HOOVER UH70120B WindTunnel Pet Hair Remover

This lightweight vac is designed especially for small, medium, and large dogs but WILL also take care of medium-sized cats or will even grab the smaller cat hair if they have one. The vacuum has a unique brush bar with rubber bristles that are specially designed to pick up hairs from your floors and carpets, which helps you remove pet hair easily and effectively. The brush bar also helps remove hair from carpeted stairs and furniture.

The HOOVER WindTunnel Pet Hair Remover is engineered to work like a powerful cyclone vacuum that blows air out like a tornado, which helps direct the loose fur through the air channels of the vac so it can easily be removed by the filter. This pet vac will quickly become your “go-to” tool when you need to make your home clean again before guests come over or before an important event such as a holiday gathering or business meeting. You will be able to clean your home easily and quickly with this pet vac.

Price: $129.99

5) Dyson Ball Multi Floor Plus Upright Vacuum

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is a handheld vacuum that is designed for small to medium-sized pets like cats or small dogs. This pet vac is perfect for cleaning both hard-surface floors, carpets, and upholstery and for removing hair from those hard-to-reach places, such as under furniture, in rugs, and beneath beds.

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The Dyson Ball Multi Floor also includes multiple tools to make your home look great again. This includes a pet brush that gently removes pet hair from all of your hard surfaces, a carpet tool that cleans hair from the loose stuff under couches, and easy cleaning tools that are perfect for picking out old food stains on tables.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor has an LED light so you can see when you have dropped something in the vacuum while you are vacuuming your home. The vacuum is also very quiet so you can easily use it without waking up your family. By using the pet brush and carpet tool, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor is designed to get into smaller spaces that other vacuums may have trouble reaching. This vacuum also comes with a 20-foot power cord, which creates a lot of suction power that is powerful enough to remove stubborn pet hair from hard surfaces and carpets.

Price: $439.00

6) iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

This pet vac is designed to clean your home more smartly with less effort from you. The vacuum is designed to get under beds, furniture, and other hard-to-reach places and can run for up to two hours at a time before it returns to its charging station. This vacuum is the perfect solution for cat owners who want to keep their cats’ fur off of furniture like couches, chairs, and beds. The vacuum works well on both hard floors, carpeting, and rugs.

Two sensors help to keep the iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot from damaging objects around your home. The first sensor is called an “intelligent wall-recovery sensor,” which helps to protect against collisions with furniture and walls. The other feature is called “edge-sweep brushes” that help to clean pet hair and dirt away from walls so the vacuum can have easy access back into your room. The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot uses the Apollo┬« cleaning technology to keep your home clean and shiny.

Price: $175.99

7) Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum, Animal Dyson AM09 Ball Nozzle, Suction Power:

This is one of the best brooms for dog hair. Its designed to remove pet hair from hard flooring, rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture if you have a medium-sized dog or cat who sheds frequently. The vacuum also works for cleaning up dirt and debris, which makes it easy to use all over your home. The Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum is designed for cleaning hard flooring and carpets.

The vacuum is also equipped with a cyclone action system that helps pull pet hair from furniture and upholstery and the brush bar helps remove the hair from any carpeting or rugs in your home.

The vacuum has a unique detachable collection chamber that you can use to clean upholstery, curtains, or bedding after you are finished vacuuming your floors or carpeting. This vacuum also comes with HEPA filters so you can clean your home without worrying about breathing harmful particles into the air of your home. The vacuum is also designed to be used without the cat hair collection chamber.

For example, if you have a cat who sheds a lot, this vacuum is a great way to keep your family safe and healthy. You will do all of the work while the Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum cleans up after you. When you are ready to switch over to using the vacuum without the collecting chamber, just snap it back in place and start vacuuming again.

Price: $129.99 (originally $169.99)

8) Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is a vacuum that is perfect for removing pet hair from the flooring on the second or third levels of a home. This vacuum is crafted with “Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology” to keep your home clean without worrying about dust or pollen escaping into the air and causing an allergic reaction.

The Shark is also equipped with a 2-brush system that helps to pick up pet hair and debris on hard floors and carpeting. The vacuum can bounce around, which makes it easy for users to clean up those hard-to-reach areas.

The Shark is designed with a built-in washable filter so you can easily keep your home clean without worrying about needing to replace the filter all of the time. The vacuum also has fingertip controls for easy navigation throughout your home. The 24-foot power cord can be changed based on where you are cleaning in your home, which means that you will never run out of power while cleaning again.

Price: $269.99

9) Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld vacuum is ideal for pet owners who want to clean up the fur, crumbs, and other messes that their cat or dog leaves behind. The Dyson V6 Animal Cord-Free Handstick Vacuum is a cordless vacuum that is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

This battery can run for up to 60 minutes, which means that you do not have to keep buying batteries all of the time because they will eventually run out. The battery can also be fully charged in 1 hour or less so you can get back to cleaning.

The Dyson V6 Animal Cord-Free Handstick Vacuum has an air path that is designed to allow airflow through the vacuum, which helps to prevent any small debris from flying back into the vacuum and restricting airflow through the machine.

The brush bar is designed to work with your pet’s fur, so you will not have to worry about allergies or asthma causing you harm when using this machine in your home. It also comes with a collection cup just like other Dyson vacuums, but it is built into the cleaner itself instead of being attached to the hose. The vacuum also has a brush roll for extra suction power on bare floors and wood floors.

Price: $179.99 (originally $229.99)

10) Dirt Devil Featherlite Cyclonic Pet Hair Remover

This Dirt Devil pet hair remover is designed to clean up pet hair and any other debris that your cat or dog may have left behind by vacuuming up their fur and dust. The Dust devil Featherlite Cyclonic Pet Hair Remover comes with a handy storage case so you will not have to worry about searching for the right place to store it when you are done using it.

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The vacuum also comes with a 3-foot power cord that can be changed based on where you are cleaning in your home keeping you from hitting your power cord when cleaning near where you are working.

This vacuum is powered by a cyclone system, which makes it easy to pick up pet hair and other debris as it cleans up your floors. The vacuum also comes with a washable filter that allows you to keep the rest of your home clean without worrying about allergens or any other particles in the air. You will do all of the work while this machine eliminates the dirt, dust, and pet hair in your home.

Price: $15.99




A special broom for dog hair will mean your dog sheds less on the floors. Have you ever looked under your couch and seen clumps of fur that have fallen off of your pet? It is gross and can make it hard to clean up. An all-natural way to fix this problem is to get a new type of broom.


Having a special dog hair cleaning tool will not only decrease the amount of fur in your home but also allow for easier pick-ups. If you have an old-fashioned dustpan then there is a good chance the dirt will fall back onto the floor when you are trying to sweep it up. Making sure you have a specific type of broom can prevent this and allow you to keep your floors clean.


Having a special dog hair broom will make cleanup easier, especially when dealing with the other two benefits. It can help you swifter pick up all the fur that has clumped together as well as more easily remove pet hair from around your home.

This can be especially useful for cleaning up after your pet has gone potty in the house. Having a special broom for dog hair makes it easy to scrub down your floors and pick up all of the furs that have fallen out from them.

What to consider when buying one of the best brooms for Dog hair

If you’re considering buying one of the best brooms for dog hair, you may be wondering what to consider when purchasing such an item. Sure, it just sounds like common sense that the best brooms are going to have bristles on them. But what else should you look for in those bristles? That’s where this article will help. Read on to find out the answers to all your questions about buying a dog broom.

What kind of hair is it?

You can’t use just any kind of hair for a dog broom. If you were to use human or cat hair, the animal that shed that hair may be able to track you down and avenge itself. For this reason, many prefer not to use human or cat hair at all. It’s no secret that dog bristle is recommended for this kind of product, with dog and cat fur also being good choices.

If your broom does have human hair on it, though, take extra care when storing it so that your home doesn’t become a home for any stray humans who had an unfortunate encounter with the broom.

Is there a warranty?

Some of the best brooms for dog hair come with warranties. If you’re looking for a great quality broom, you may want to find out about any available warranties, as that indicates that the company thinks highly of their product and stands behind it. Generally, a warranty means that if anything goes wrong with your broom within a certain period, they’ll fix or replace it at no cost to you.

If you’re particularly careful with your products and take good care of them, though, it may not be necessary to get one just yet. In that case, it’s fine to take your time and see what works for you.

Will the bristles fall out?

One of the main complaints about dog brooms is the fact that they fall out of the plastic bristles often. This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does happen, it can be very frustrating. However, this problem is not a big deal when you consider how much better your floors will look when you’re done cleaning compared to how they were before you started using the broom.

Plus, it isn’t a huge deal if the bristles do fall out. You can just restick them. It’s just something to keep in mind when you’re comparing brooms and deciding which one to buy.

What kind of handle does it have?

Some brooms have handles that are too short for some users’ comfort level. If you’re tall, you may need a broom with a longer handle so that the broom is easier for you to hold onto as you work, or even just so that the broom isn’t dragging on the floor as much as it might otherwise. This is also a good way for you to know if the manufacturer thinks about how tall you are when designing the broom and handle.

In other words, don’t just sit there complaining about your broom – do some research to find out about it. Don’t forget this all-important point, though, as some of the best dog brooms have long handles that get greatly appreciated by tall people who want to be thorough when sweeping their floors.

Is it easy to clean?

Best Brooms for Dog Hair is great to have but remember that you’re going to be using this thing on your floor quite a bit, so you want to make sure that it’s easy and convenient to clean after every use. Many of the best dog brooms have covers that are easily removed and cleaned. This will ease your cleaning up after each use, so you won’t have to worry about doing it nearly as often. That makes most people happier.

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These are the main concerns that you need to keep in mind when buying a dog broom. If you want the best one, you’ll benefit from finding out what works best for you. But it’s important not to just look at one or two factors when deciding which broom is best for you to get.

Instead, read plenty of dog broom reviews and compare any factors that seem important to you, then decide which one is actually right for your needs. You may even find that there are some unexpected benefits that other customers have enjoyed by using this product.

How to maintain the Best Brooms for Dog Hair

Maintaining your Best Brooms for Dog Hair can be a tricky task sometimes. Here is the skinny on how to do it so you don’t have to worry about getting your hair matted and too much fur wrapped around the bristles.

1) Use a good spray and scrubbing brush to clean the hair off of the broom.

This will get rid of any dirt or stains already on it as well as ensuring that it doesn’t come off onto anything else that you are cleaning, like carpets, upholstery and clothes. Make sure to brush in short strokes if you’re using a carpet cleaner or sweeper then long strokes when using an upright vacuum cleaner or scrubber machine soap pad. If you’re using ladders or scrubbers just push as hard as you are able and as fast as you can.

2) How often do you clean your Best Brooms for Dog Hair?

Depending on what kind of flooring surface you have, the answer will be different. For instance, if you have carpeting in your home than vacuuming is a must because carpet fibers can be laden with germs. However if your floors are wood surfaces then brushing or sweeping is usually recommended. As far as the bristles of the broom go they should not be washed too much because they will lose their ability to pick up dirt and debris and will become dull. For tile or linoleum surfaces, dust mopping is the best and most effective method of cleaning for these slick surfaces.

3) How do you properly clean all of your Best Brooms for Dog Hair?

To clean the handle, use a sanitizer or disinfectant to wipe off any germs that could be lingering there. If you have several types of floors in your home then it is important to have a broom specifically designated for each floor so that they can be cleaned properly to avoid getting germs in unsanitary places. Also, never mix different types of floors whether they are carpeting or wood with the same broom unless you have something on the broom head to differentiate between them.

4) Use a good quality disinfectant to clean the bristle area.

This will get rid of any dirt or germs that might have gotten stuck in it. Again, sweeping or brushing wood surfaces is usually best for these floors so if you have more than one type of flooring in your home then try to use a different kind of broom for each type. If possible get a bristled broom with a great handle because this will ensure better handling comfort for you and your family as well as lessen chances of getting hurt from the broom.

What is the lifespan of the Best Brooms for Dog Hair

There isn’t a website or company that makes the best Brooms for Dog Hair. Different companies have different life-spans depending on what they make. For example, some brooms will last faster than others. The lifespan is not just drawn out with the number of times you can use them but also how well they are going to hold up in your environment and how much care it will require of you to keep them looking good.

They may require more maintenance than others in order to maintain a quality appearance, meaning that those are the better choices for people with a busy lifestyle who want something that lasts longer and needs more work in order to stay good looking.

The Best Broom for Dog Hair will be there to help you get the job done and prevent unexpected damage to your home while making sure that your needs are being met. Here are some more details on how these products can help you get the job done with the objective of simply getting your dog hair cleaned off of floors and carpets from time to time.

Advantages of having the Best Brooms for Dog Hair

The best brooms for dog hair are those that have stiff bristles that can withstand a heavy amount of dirt and most importantly one’s own pet’s hair. These brooms are designed to not only become dirtier than other brooms, but they are also designed to hold onto all the dirt and pet hair that it collects. This is an effective cleaning tool that many households have access to now, thanks to the popularity of animal companions and their high-volume shedding habit.

The advantages of having the best bristles for dog hair include:

  • They capture more dirt and dog hair.
  • The bristles are stiff so it is easier for a person to clean up after their pet.
  • When the bristles become dirty or frayed from pet hair, they can be easily replaced.
  • In the event that the bristles are being cut by accident, a replacement set is only a little more than the cost of a new broom.
  • When one’s pet sheds, after the initial shedding process is over, the bristles will not become frayed or damaged by the dirt.
  • The bristles are soft because they are not made of metal or fibres that can easily be torn or ripped.
  • With a new broom, there is an initial discomfort period when it’s being used to scrub every inch of your floor and carpets. If one’s pet hair is on top of their brooms bristles, they are better able to clean up pet hair than if they were using a new set of brooms. They can often regain their brooms in only a few uses with the proper cleaning techniques.